Web development resources all developers need

The web development process could be stressful at times, where we don’t find a perfect image or related color code or even some performance monitoring tool. Here are some of the resources we all need and most of these are free.

  1. Tinyjpg.com
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Web development resources

Large size images can cause delays in website loading and ultimately slow down the web speed and performance. Tinyjpg.com allows us to compress the image size without losing too much quality.

  1. GTmetrix.com

GTMetrix is a great tool that analyzes website speed and performance. It also provides suggestions on how to improve. It’s a great opportunity to optimize our website for better speed and performance.

  1. Color.adobe.com

Great tool to create color palettes with the color wheel or image. We can find the color of any particular image or website by taking a screenshot and uploading here. There are great features like trending colors  or we can browse thousands of color combinations from the Adobe Color community.

  1. Whatwpthemeisthat.com

Want to find out if any website you like is built on wordpress or even which theme and plugins they use Whatwpthemeisthat is a great tool. Sometimes this little piece of information could be very useful.

  1. Tools.pingdom.com

Another webtool to check the website speed check. We can analyze details and determine the areas needed to be improved. They also have subscription based monitoring service for uptime and performance but initially the free tool is more than enough to find some valuable insights about our site.

  1. Pixabay

I just love this website and can’t believe the amount of quality photos, illustrations, vector graphics they offer for free. A must see website for everyone.

  1. Managewp.com

For developers or agencies managing multiple websites, different login details could be stressful at times. ManageWp allows us to manage multiple sites from one single platform. It also has other features like backup, migration, security and performance report. They have different price packages for developers and agencies but you can start with free. Best thing is we got to pay after we use it.

  1. Pagespeedinside.com

Another tool for website speed and performance tests, and this is from google. They are very detailed and their score always seems to be lower than other tools. It’s always better to check in different platforms then compare and develop the final product. 

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