Windows 11- What are the major changes and what to expect.


The next and most anticipated version of Windows is going to be  Windows 11 and there are some significant and innovative updates .  

It’s built on the same foundation as Windows 10, after reviewing its features and release notes there are three significant areas they are focusing on.

  • Provide more flexible and intuitive user experience to enhance productivity
  • Support Hybrid environment 
  • Reliability and Security 

As it is built on the same platform as Windows 10 so the investments you have made in tools for update and device management are carried forward. Windows 11 also sustains the application compatibility promise made with Windows 10, supplemented by programs like App Assure. For Microsoft 365 customers seeking further assistance, FastTrack will continue to be available to support your efforts to adopt Windows 11.

Release date :It is expected to be released later 2021 but beta version might be available for test in july 2021

How to Upgrade/Get Windows 11

Those running Windows 10 proper licensed version will be eligible for auto upgrade there isn’t going to be any extra charges. Windows 11 will also be available on eligible new devices. You don’t need to do anything when the version is released Microsoft will send you notification Windows Update using Microsoft’s intelligent rollout process to ensure a smooth upgrade experience. 

For administrators managing devices on behalf of their organization, Windows 11 will be available through the same, familiar channels that you use today for Windows 10 feature updates. You will be able to use existing deployment and management tools, For devices that are not managed by an organization, the Windows 11 upgrade will be offered to eligible Windows 10 devices through Windows Update using Microsoft’s intelligent rollout process to ensure a smooth upgrade experience.


There are no special licensing requirements for Windows 11 beyond what is required for Windows 10 devices.For those that have a volume license, it will equally cover Windows 11 and Windows 10 devices before and after upgrade. Microsoft 365 licenses that include Windows 10 licenses will permit you to run Windows 11 on supported devices


In terms of hardware, accessories and associated drivers that work with Windows 10 should work with Windows 11. Please double check Microsoft  and with accessory manufacturers for specific details.

Troubleshooting, maintenance and update processes remains the same.

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